If music is indispensable for your life, I suggest you take a look at these 7 wonderful sites I have prepared for you.


This site offers free music and sounds in different categories that will relax you and bring you sleep. Do not forget to turn on these sounds while you are sleeping, which will allow you to sleep comfortably.


This site allows you to mix different sound categories.
For example, nature sounds, study room, Thunder, Coffee Restaurant and more categories of sounds by playing with valuables and making your own


Thanks to this site, we can turn texts, articles, stories into voices prepared with artificial intelligence.
As you can understand from the title, “Translate your texts to English audio” actually sums it up.


If you are dealing with music and sound recording works, this program is for you;
With Audiomass, you can record audio online through the browser and edit these audio recordings.


With this site, it allows you to remove the vocals on the voice online. You don’t need any knowledge, the program does it quickly for you, it’s worth a try.