Create Unlimited Content Lists

You can create a list as you wish, regardless of the content, on mList and you can add many variations of content (Text, Sound, Picture, Location, Video, Link) to these lists.

For the Love of Lists!

You can use mList as a to-do list, or you can use it on many different topics such as blogging, travel, resource sharing. It’s entirely up to your imagination.

Explore Public Listings

There are private lists as well as public lists in mList. For example, you can come across lists such as “10 books to read”, “5 movies to watch”, “places to visit”, and you can add content to these lists.

We are not a classic TO-DO App!

Thanks to its powerful infrastructure, mList allows you to add any content you need. In this way, you can even share your blog posts on mList.

Special Pages For You

When you register on mList, a special page is created for you. On this page, you can show your “Public” lists and share them with your followers.

Pair Devices

You can match your devices with people in your Nearby by reading “Device Code” or “QRCODE”. You can be included in the Lists by staying connected.

Invite to Lists

You can add Paired Devices to the lists you want on a person-based basis. You can add different people to each List. You have full control.

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