In this article, I am compiling sites that I have personally experienced and that will be useful and useful for us.The sites are completely free to use.


With trello, one of the first names that come to mind when we say Task and Project management, you can keep all your records as a team or individually. You should definitely try this software, which is very easy to use.


If you have the habit of taking notes, you can keep your notes on a site, mobile or web that you will definitely have to try, and you can access your notes whenever you want.


As an alternative to Trello, it is task management software from within Gmail. If you like task management, it is one of the sites you should definitely try. It also has a free plan.


We all know the power of lists. With mlist, we can create shared lists with any person(s).
These lists can be in many different areas such as “Books to read”, “Games to play”, “Software Resources”, inside you are completely free.
You can also check out what lists other people have created in the Explore section.


When we say file transfer, the first project that comes to mind is Wetransfer.
We use this software especially when transferring large files (Max 2GB).
All we have to do is to upload the file and write the recipient’s e-mail address. When the recipient downloads the file, we receive an e-mail notification. You should try this very useful software.


With this software, which is a very useful chrome extension, it allows you to mark where you left off in articles and articles and return to them later.
You should definitely try it if you are switching to another job, especially while you are studying something.